Birst Cloud BI


When your platform addresses both the front and the back end, the result is truly unifying.


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Birst’s Networked BI is a new and disruptive approach to enterprise BI

Birst is the first product that combines the best of both worlds: the capability and data governance of legacy on-premise solutions, with the speed and agility of desktop discovery tools.

  • adaptive-user-experience

    Adaptive User Experience
    The only solution for enterprises with mixed user requirements for both data discovery and BI tools.

  • user-data-tier

    User Data Tier
    Take the complexity out of aggregating and governing enterprise and user-generated data.

  • network-bi-architecture

    Multi-tenant Cloud Architecture
    Link to all parts of the value chain without sacrificing performance and scalability.
    from IT to end users.  Enable a central IT team to expand the use of BI across
    the enterprise by creating virtual BI instances that unify global,
    local data and metadata.

Decentralized BI

  • Rapidly refine enterprise data
  • Create trusted, governed user data
  • Create corporate wide metrics
  • Create top-down Virtual BI instances
  • Subscribe to Virtual BI instance
  • Rapidly mash-up with departmental data
  • Share with end-user

End-user Discovery

  • Blend corporate and local data
  • Transparently work in “personal BI sandbox”
  • Support individual agility, transparently governed: working with trusted corporate and departmental data

Bottom Up: from end users to IT

Empower individual end users to access and blend data. The blended data can be promoted up to become part of global business model, which maintains governance and ensures people are working with a trusted, consistent source of information.

Corporate BI

  • Can create new virtual “topsdown” instances
  • Can treat as departmental and/or corporate governed
  • Further blend with additional data
  • Governance maintained transparently
  • Promote to central corporate instance

End-user Discovery

  • Independent virtual instance
  • Data blend with individual data: auto dimensional model
  • Share with department instance

StarPoint Technologies: Your Birst Champion Partner.

StarPoint Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of Birst services to support clients just starting out with Birst, or looking to extend the capabilities of their existing Birst environment. StarPoint Technologies is a multi-year Birst Champion Partner and proud to have been recognized as the 2015 Birst Enterprise Partner of the Year. With deep expertise in designing and implementing enterprise analytics and OEM embedded solutions leveraging the Birst Cloud BI platform for clients all across North America, StarPoint Technologies is uniquely qualified to answer any questions you may have about Birst. We’d be delighted to share our Birst specific experience and customer success stories with you. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to speaking with you soon.