Healthcare Analytics



Healthcare IT’s ongoing Challenges

Healthcare IT’s potential value is changing in profound ways. While the big value boost started with electronic health records (EHRs), efforts are being redirected to advancing the state of patient care delivery and real-time analytics that lead to better patient outcomes.  The superior use of analytics will be a dominant factor in every health organization’s success, and is a growing component of the CIO’s work as healthcare organizations all align to value based care delivery.

To ensure success, a healthcare organization must begin with a business and strategic imperative, rather than having the IT department simply build an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and hope the rest of the organization will buy in.  Organizations and their leaders can harness the power of an EDW to streamline and scale reporting processes, maintain a single source of truth that everyone can trust, and drive meaningful, targeted quality improvements.  By delivering analytics to clinicians and analysts on the frontlines of care — as well as to executives in the boardroom — healthcare organizations can critically evaluate care processes and aggressively pursue the best opportunities for improving outcomes.  In doing so, healthcare organizations will be rewarded with clinical, operational and financial success in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Data Analytics opens up new Opportunities

Data analytics solutions enable Payers and Providers to identify and visualize trends and patterns in areas, such as patient analytics, that can have a profound effect on healthcare delivery.  They can compare patient outcomes, anticipate potential treatment threats and opportunities, better plan, budget and forecast resources, balance business risks against expected returns, while working to meet regulatory requirements.  By making analytics widely available, organizations can align front line tactical and strategic decision-making to achieve business performance goals and drive better patient outcomes.

If your data is not helping you solve your organization’s toughest challenges every day, then it is a drastically underutilized asset.

Get more from your data by focusing on one or more of these popular initiatives:

  • Lower risks and operational costs, via a “single version of the truth” across the enterprise; integrate operational, clinical and external data sets into a single, end to end view.
  • Improve healthcare outcomes by providing timely and meaningful insights to care providers, who can then administer the most effective treatments.
  • Identify crises before they happen and treat patients proactively by analyzing data in real time as it streams from monitoring equipment.
  • Predict patient health risks using predictive analytics to understand underlying clinical or social factors, and design more effective care plans.
  • Support Meaningful Use initiatives to improve patient health outcomes and identify opportunities to lower medical costs.
  •  Lower stress levels among care providers by making the most relevant patient information available so they can provide effective care.
  • Respond faster and more accurately to questions on claims utilization and financial performance.
  • Reduce your dependency on technical resources: get access to your data anytime, anywhere, with self-service reporting capabilities across multiple BYOD and mobile platforms.

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