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Harness All of Your Relevant Data

To become a data-driven and agile enterprise, your organization must be able to harness and act on 100% of the relevant data. StarPoint ProServe Data Science Services (DSS) provide a proven, business-led approach that bridges traditional BI with the leading data analytics and reporting technologies, allowing you to transition from the stone age of BI to the business analytics of the future.

Key Benefits

  • Gain insights from new data sets while leveraging your existing data investments.
  • Test and learn efficiently via discovery environments and cloud based deployment models to reduce time to value.
  • Leverage 100% of relevant data to increase business agility to seize immediate opportunities and guide strategic initiatives.
  • Unlock the power of enterprise collaboration using data lakes and best in class visualization technologies.
  • Speed implementation and time to value.

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StarPoint Advisory Services

Advise – Our data consultants will assess your systems and define the capabilities needed to make your analytics initiative a success. Then we’ll help you build an integrated BI strategy that supports successful data management and reporting while keeping your information secure.

Transform – StarPoint’s data architectures are built to handle the volume, velocity, variety, veracity and value of your data. Whether you’re simply establishing an operational data store or completely migrating to an Enterprise Cloud architecture, our seasoned data scientist will guide and support you through those key analytics initiatives, helping you avoid missteps, and propel your company forward by accelerating the time to value.

Manage – StarPoint’s managed services for BI, Data Analytics and Big Data are designed to reduce the time to value curve.  From reference architectures, to algorithm development, to completely managed data warehouses, we have the proven experience to accelerate your organizations largest data initiatives.

Big Data Services – Use our consulting services to maximize the value of your data by aligning your reporting and analytics to your business strategy. Our big data services range from data warehousing and business intelligence modernization to newer solutions like Hadoop, NoSQL, and MapReduce.


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Key Customer Successes

Finding the right data analytics solution can be a daunting journey. Whether you’re just getting started or want to optimize an existing analytics and reporting investment, we’re here to help.


Turning data into intelligence separates the experts from the amateurs. StarPoint will help you reach the next level, from Big Data and Data Science to reporting and operations. We deploy world-class platforms and services that enable the best companies to become data-driven enterprises.